Revamping the Blogs

Many Blogs, One Beat… a little indulgent maybe, but our strapline is a neat way to underline the aspirations behind the African Writing experience. One thing it cannot do, though, is suggest any ‘unity’ in thought. Just read us! Every blogger here is his and her own editor. These are private opinions, personal politics and definitely personal hobbies… and when you write in with your comments, they will be yours as well.

South African Writer, Zukiswa Wanner, is no stranger to these blogs. Her first blog appeared in AW in December 2007. Chika Unigwe, Belgium-resident Nigerian author of Black Sisters Street, will be painting, in her new blog, word portraits of the African immigrants of her acquaintance. She starts with Lawrence. We also welcome the Kenyan writer, Mukoma wa Ngugi, of washed wok fame, who takes advantage of his first post to set out his own stall. In the meantime, Chuma Nwokolo continues to try to make sense of the past in his short biography of Yesterday.

As more writers join the blogcentre in the coming weeks, look out for exciting new blogs from our finest… and leave us a piece of your mind as well.