For young ‘Digital Natives’, Johannesburg Calls.

The Centre for Internet and Society and Hivos, are  collaborating with The African Commons Project is reaching out to young technology users to join a global conversation which will form part of a collaborative research project that invites Digital Natives to help us look at the potential of social change and political participation in their own practice.

What is on offer is a 3-day workshop, ‘My bubble, My space, My voice” and will focus on how young people use the tools and platforms at their disposal in order to create social change in their environments.  The workshop will involve participants from around Africa, who will be guided by facilitators in an interactive and engaging dialogue. Results from the workshop will be used to establish a network of collaboration and support for digital natives, along with the development of a book that captures digital natives’ activities in different regions and contexts.

The workshop is open to any young Africans who use digital technologies to respond to problems, crises, or needs in their community or social circles.  Travel and accommodation expenses will be granted to those who are selected.

•    The workshop will be held from 7 to 9 November in Johannesburg.
•    People are invited to apply online by 12 October
•    They can apply online here: