The Kach Diaries- cont’d

DAY 2 – Monday

I have a free morning so I spend it going through the essays of the school I will visit tomorrow afternoon. Some are pretty well-written and from these I shall have to select one winner who will be given free IT training at the Foundation as well as the very minor prize of one of my books. Before I start on the schools tomorrow though, I must visit the base of the foundation as well as have an interview at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology today. A friend from these parts calls me and tells me that Masinde Muliro is named after a famous son of these soils who was married to a South African woman…so already I feel tied to it by history. Mmust FM, where I have my interview, broadcasts live on campus. When we get to MMUST, I soon make friends with the literature lecturer who is going to interview me. Dr.Chris as he shall henceforth be known is a former Wits student and although he has not heard of me, we have a fair share of Wits friends to create a great rapport on air (not to name-drop or anything but Dr. Pumla Gqola of ‘What is Slavery to Me’ fame IS my friend). Although he has not read my books, our little chat prior to getting in studio ensures that our discussion is so much fun that before we know it, the producer gives us the basketball time out hand sign. Thirty minutes already? Dr. Chris suggests that I meet up with his Chair (our equivalent of a Dean I believe), Dr. Bob. Dr.Bob is from Nakuru and he knows my Nakuru family, the Wainainas so yet again another old friend network in this distant part of Kenya…who would have thought? We all go for lunch at Kula Korner by Nakumatt Centre and everyone tells me that Luhyaland as this is, is famous for its chicken and so they recommend it. I order it reluctantly. I should not have. It’s the best chicken I have tasted thus far.

But an interesting tidbit. When asked what drink I would like to have I answer as I generally do in Kenya ‘Tusker baridi’ (cold Tusker). My hosts look at me weirdly and then one of them patiently explains that some Parliamentarian pushed a Bill to outlaw the drinking of booze before 5pm on weekdays and 2pm on weekends. Another of my hosts laughs, ‘a thousand shillings says this guy won’t be re-elected come 2012.’ Apparently though, this booze law only affects the poor as people are allowed to partake in alcoholic beverages at private clubs and we know who can afford membership to private clubs, yes? Alright-y then. Mango juice it is with my chicken and ugali.

After lunch I part with Dr.Chris and Bob. We make our way to the Witaba residence where my host’s mother has made chicken. I really wish that Boniface had warned me because in the space of less than two hours, I find myself being handed a plate to dish out. force myself to eat a little although my stomach is so full I can barely take anything in. The home cooked chicken is, permission to quote President Zuma, ‘delicious.’ But I promise myself not to make a repeat performance of this eating when I get into bed exhausted from eating too much good food. I haven’t felt like this since Christmas when I was a child.