African Roar 2011: An annual anthology of African authors, First Release Now Out!

African Roar 2011 Happy to announce StoryTime’s second annual anthology, edited by Emmanuel Sigauke and myself, African Roar 2011 first release eBook edition is now out and about.

Featuring fourteen awesome works from established and emerging African Writers: Memory Chirere, Ruzvidzo Stanley Mupfudza, NoViolet Bulawayo, Zukiswa Wanner, Hajira Amla, Uche Peter Umez, Murenga Joseph Chikowero, Dango Mkandawire, Emmanuel Sigauke, Emmanuel Iduma, Ivor Hartmann, Mbonisi P. Ncube, Chimdindu Mazi-Njoku, Ayodele Morocco-Clarke: Silent Night, Bloody Night, and Isaac Neequaye.

It has garnered commendations from some great writers:

“What do you get when you mash up literary stars with exciting new voices? You get African Roar 2011. A fantastic collection of short stories with diverse voices covering a range of narratives and styles… Confident, imaginative, electrifying, African Roar 2011 is a treat for lovers of the short story everywhere.” — Tendai Huchu, author of The Hairdresser of Harare.

African Roar 2011 is a compelling collection of short stories with some of the big and emerging names in contemporary African writing. This cocktail of a book touches on diverse themes and sensibilities, weaving an intricate tapestry of modern tales.” — Jude Dibia, author of Blackbird and Unbridled, and a recipient of the Ken Saro-Wiwa Prose Prize and Commonwealth Writers Highly Commended Award.

“At a time when the short story is regaining popularity, this anthology showcases the form at its vibrant best. African Roar 2011 is a striking and exciting collection of stories. Read and revel in them.” — Jayne Bauling, South African novelist and poet, and winner of the 2009 Macmillan Writer’s Prize for Africa and the 2011 Maskew Miller Longman literature award.

African Roar 2011 is a well-prepared dish that offers a rich blend of literary delicacies; from the practised ink of the chefs, to the talented pens of the emerging writers, flow the rich creative ingredients that stew these pages into a most enjoyable story collection. The stories reflect the diversity of the tree from which they are plucked; the rich literary talent that has its roots in Africa. An exciting read.” — Novuyo Rosa Tshuma, short fiction writer and recipient of the 2009 Yvonne Vera Award.

“Encompassing a wide variety of diverse voices, African Roar 2011 showcases a smorgasbord of new and established writers. Fiction and memoir sit comfortably side by side in this intriguing collection, which puts paid once and for all to the myth of a monolithic African culture.” — Fiona Snyckers, author of the Trinity series of novels, and the Sisterz series of mobile novels.

“The fourteen short stories in African Roar 2011 are fourteen voices in a wide and beautiful range. They’re parables or fables, classically realistic, or savagely satiric, morality tales, haunting tales, or tales with intoxicating oral cadences. There are brilliant imaginings of other consciousnesses. They’re stories that take you deep into the hearts and minds of characters, and to places new yet familiar, and places quite strange. This anthology showcases dynamic voices coming from all over Africa and the African Diaspora right now, and they’re exhilarating indeed.” — Dawn Promislow, author of the collection Jewels and Other Stories.

“A salmagundi of wordsmiths that offers an array of narratives located in gritty African Realism interspersed with moments of magical realism and laugh-out-loud humour. A fitting tribute to the late Ruzvidzo Stanley Mupfudza, this anthology is a multifaceted authentic voice of Africa. A truly visceral reading experience as the stories unfolded from the pages and wrapped their filmic imagery around my mind.” — Gillian Schutte, award winning documentary filmmaker, writer, and social justice activist. Author of two collections of poetry and debut novel After just now, founder of the human rights forum Media for Justice, and the independent Ludic Press.

And a great insightful review from Dawn Promislow “…African Roar 2011 features voices telling stories in the ways they want to and must, defying all and any expectations to the contrary. In the pages of this anthology, writing coming now out of Africa and its Diaspora is not monolithic at all, nor bound by any prescription, but is writing varied in theme, genre and style, that is vibrantly alive going into the future.” read the full review here: SliP

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I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we all have in making it for you.